It's All About the Dogs!

Our Beginning


Welcome to the website of the Columbia River Akita Alliance.


Whether you already know what an Akita is or you are looking for more information about this beautiful breed from Japan, we are here for the dogs and for you! If you live in Oregon or Washington and are looking for other Akita owners, you have come to the right website.


Founding members Wendy Sorrell and Linda Lapossa had often talked about the need for a group that anyone with an Akita could choose to be a part of on any level on which they were comfortable. They felt it was important to be open-minded and accepting of anyone that reached out for guidance, information, and friendship.


CRAA is not just a group of folks with a single-minded goal for our Akitas. We are a group of Akita owners that share our experiences, appreciate the experiences of other Akita owners, and respect and support each other. We truly believe that it's all about the dogs.


If you would like to join our email list please send a request to: 


We would enjoy hearing from you and adding you to our email list! We are 40+ friends strong.



We are avid supporters of SOS Akita Save Our Seniors, a National Akita Rescue of WNY, Inc. program and Washington Akita Group (WAG) a small group dedicated to the rescue and placement of orphaned Akitas in Eastern and Central Washington and the Pacific Northwest as foster and kennel space allows. Click the banners below to learn more and help these fine groups.


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